My 90-day introductory 1:1 Spiritual Life Coaching Program for business owners.


Imagine if…

You felt connected and energized by your business and were in touch with your divine feminine power. You were empowered with the confidence to make soul-aligned decisions inside the business of your dreams.

Break through the physical, mental and spiritual blocks that keep you from the business success you crave!


Do any of these sound like you…

Have you lost your confidence? Maybe you never had it to begin with?

Are you an overworked, people-pleaser?

Do you feel like a floating head going through the motions of “business” every day?

Have you forgotten WHY you started your business in the first place?

Do you feel blocked and anxious about sales?


i have been there.


Now, I help women JUST LIKE YOU regain their confidence, get soul-aligned in business and develop the resiliency necessary to achieve long-term success as an entrepreneur.

My 90 day 1:1 SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING PROGRAM is precisely designed to help you break through the physical, mental and spiritual blocks that keep you from the business success you deserve!

It’s time to stop playing small and step into the role of SHE-EO.


My unique blend of knowledge as a Shamanic Energy Practitioner, Intuitive and Nutritionist gives you the perfect mix of scientific and spiritual support.



  • Stress management and sleep management strategies to help you kick ass in your business.

  • Understand what foods are most nourishing to YOUR body to support your energy levels.

  • Nutritional support for clearing (literal) toxins from your body. WHY? Because a clear container is key to receive intuitive guidance.



  • Reconnect with your own needs and desires. Skills to confidently ask for what you want.

  • Boundaries in business and personal life that help you feel energized by your work and relationships. Develop boundaries from a place of self-care, not building walls.

  • Redefine what success looks like for YOU. Unblock beliefs that prevent you from being a successful entrepreneur.



  • Be able to confidently make decisions and rely on your intuition. Remove blocks and fear that prevent you from tapping into your internal guidance system.

  • Skills to tap into your intuition consistently. Develop practices that help you stay accountable.

  • A manifestation practice uniquely designed for you. Learn about your Human Design type and what works for you.

My clearest downloads happened after I kicked my sugar habit! I’m now running my own business and have sustainable self-care practices.
— Alexandra
My time with Paige has provided me with better insight, more freedom and self-confidence to set personal boundaries, the importance of rest, recovery and sleep on overall health, not just nutrition.
— Denise
This transformed the way I relate to myself. I was stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and indecision when I started working with Paige. She helped me uncover the root of my “I’m not good enough” story so now I can listen to my gut instead.
— AG


  • 6 X 60 minute 1:1 sessions

  • 12 activities with assigned practices (one per week)

    • Monthly intention setting activities

    • Intuitive exercises to strengthen your inner compass

    • Journal prompts or activities based on the topic

  • Online portal access to “Practice Better” which includes:

    • Direct access to me via messenger

    • Online journals for both nutrition + lifestyle

    • History of follow-ups, assignments and check-ins

  • 3 BONUS mini-trainings (apply now to get access!)


The success of your business begins and ends with you.


Good News!

You DO NOT have to do this alone. I will be by your side every step of the way as you learn to tap into your intuition, get out of your head and step in your power to become the SHE-EO of your life.

this exclusive 90-day program is not available year round. Don’t miss out!