Paige Elizabeth

Functional Nutritionist and Shaman

Have you ever found yourself taking different roads home from work every other evening? I find myself doing this daily. My only explanation, “I am following my intuition”.

Intuition is my north star. In LA, it led me from outrageous work weeks in Beverly Hills hotels to managing a boutique fitness studio. I soon discovered my love for health and wellness. After almost five years in California, I decided to move back to Portland, OR.

Connecting with my roots in the Pacific Northwest has been simply magical. Intuition has paved the way for my pursuit of a masters degree in nutrition and functional medicine. Amongst family and friends, I was able to ground into the earth. Soon after, I dove into shamanic energy medicine. I have never looked back.

Now I mix science with the “woo woo”, and guide others into healing the body, mind and spirit.


Feed Your Intuition


Empowering you to become your own healer.

I combine functional nutrition with shamanic energy medicine, creating sessions designed to support the individual.

My goal as a practitioner is to assist others in developing personal and sustainable lifestyle practices.

I guide others through their path of transformation - to their own best health.