Intuitive Readings and Divination

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Intuitive Card And Crystal Reading

This 60-minute session is your opportunity to receive guidance on intuitive practices, health, spirituality, prosperity, relationships and even business insights.

Oracle cards, crystals, mediumship, light language channeling and shamanic tracking are all used to provide you with messages from the universe and your spirit guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Mediumship?

A: Mediumship is the process of facilitating communication between spirits and the person receiving the reading. Mediumship allows direct messages from your guides and ancestors. This helps you to get to know and understand the forces that are at work in your life.

Q: What is Light Language?

A: It’s a channeled form of spiritual communication and a language that is understood on a soul level. The sounds, words, and drawings used in light language have a healing vibration. In a reading, light language drawings and sounds are used to decipher messages given by your guides.

Q: What is Shamanic Tracking?

A: Through the use of traditional Shamanic tools and the four states of perception, your issues are tracked on an energetic level. This allows answers to be mapped out that relate directly to a specific question.

Receive the Clarity and Divine Guidance you Deserve.

What’s the investment?

Session length: 60-Minutes

Price: $145

Offering availability

Both in person and distance sessions (via video call) are available.

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